A lot goes through our mind each seconds we seat alone not engaging in anything reasonable and even sometimes when we are busy doing something, we can’t just do without thinking of one thing or the other…

Today a friend on my www.facebook.com page asked me this question today and I decided to ask you too…


“…I want to help my country Nigeria, I don’t like the way the same people I voted to represent me are the ones looting the whole money they should use to help this country grow and take it to the next level, I want to help my country Nigeria but I really dont know what to do please What Should I do?” I was speechless, it took me several seconds to be able to type this words “The Change Starts with You”.

A lot of people want to help their country just like this my good friend, but trust me this country can not be helped by just one man, but the truth is ” it starts with you to start making a change” the better and kind of change you dream of is just in your own hands so let me change the question “WHAT CAN YOU SO?

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