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  1. Nice piece you have here, after going through everything I come to a conclusion that am the best woman on earth, why cry out my eyes from its socket when God can bring me another greater man than the one that jst left me for no reason

    Please give me your email want to write you and share my problem

  2. Dear Niyi,
    Please the post did not mean u shouldn’t go to Dubai

    When you want to go in the name of looking for JOB it helps you to pin down things to expect so u won’t regret taking such step

    The kind of job and their pay

  3. Seyi thanks for sharing!
    I listened to the song and it was Whao! I love it bcos he sang in the dialet I understand “Omiriata”

    God bless the artist, I have also downloaded the song as my ringing tone

  4. I swear I dont know what to say, reading your post from this part of the country makes me feel you either know me or someone must have told you about my story, but I guess you just write based on what I really dont know!

    I must commend you, because I feel encouraged again please I will write you a pm now!

  5. Dis is 1 of d major challenges am havin with people dat reciv prophetic revelations. was she instructed by d prophet 2 ask her husband? there’s no prove of wat she was told. ther4 guide urself with wisdom. Is very wrong 4 her 2 comfront her husband directly bcos if wat d prophet said is true, den he wil not admit it. Solution: monitor d man’s movement if wat d prophet said is true. If its true den, It might be dat d 1 of d forbin tins told d man wher he went 4 money ritual is 2 abstain 4rm her.

  6. Is touching but u need to be very careful as d bible say we should beware of fake prophets, pray 4 God’s revelation concerning what d prophet told u, so u wont breakup ur home. As of d feelings, God has made u both 1, u can involve both parents if is critical, above all concentrate on ur beautiful kids n pray to God, am sure he will change. Ur prayer can change him.

  7. Hmm! This woman had placed the cart before the horse from what she had said it’s funny how the “prophet” told her about her family there is a lot to say about this issue but I will stop with this words “the dog which the gods want to kill they first take away it sense of smell”

  8. I think the lady has a right to know whats happening but not from the so called prophet. God speaks to change but she left her with much trouble..Let her ask the husband cz hes the only one who can answer her mayb her channel of asking could b wanting n the husband opts to b silence men hate nagging. Let her also examine herself in matters of how she toks n treats the husband n hel open up..involving the fmlies shld b last option. Pray until something happens n brek every bondage in your marriage

  9. @seyi do u knw dat d devil cs vision? She shld knw dat she has d grace bcos d bible mk us 2 undastnd dat he has given us d grace 2 hear, 2 c, wat d prophet can nt c nd hear. So she shld commit everitin 2 God. May b she is doing smtin dat d man do nt like, so she shld keep prayin dat God shld touch hs heart. She shld stay focus nd 4gt wat d prophet said bt believ in d words of God.

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  11. Had to trace your blog from tunde’s blog when I saw your compliant. Lol dont worry we will sue him…I love what am seeing here

    Anyways, while the answer might be no, I think its part of what can keep a man..some men are just like that.

    • Hahahaha!
      Thank You Chincobee for your comment
      and please dont sue Tunde for not listing
      maybe next time we will make it through his list and others…

      Though sex is good if we must tell the truth, it has its own advantages and disadvantages according to health expertise, but it should be done the right way (Get Married)

      But at that dear sex can not keep a man, he might temporary stay for maybe the first few weeks but he will surely get tired and leave!

  12. Hello everyone, I am entirely grateful to some of the advice from this website that saved my marriage. I seek help from different people because I love my husband so much and I don’t want to throw what we have built for 19 years away. A friend of mine introduced me to this website…

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  14. I`ve found a way for ANY man to go from lasting even as short as a couple of seconds in bed to over 35 minutes. I’ve been looking into it and it’s 100% legit. These tips are so helpful.

  15. Any woman who open her mouth to reign curses on her husband is not worthy to be called a #MOTHER

    A good wife will not do such on any condition knowing too well the cost implication of whatever comes out of her mouth…

    There are genes around that can grant such curses!

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  26. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking
    back frequently!


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  29. I’m not that much of a internet reader to
    be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back in the future.
    Many thanks

  30. Pls I did public administration at kogi poly then I apply for business admin at nass since they don’t hv public and some1 say they won’t gv me except pre and I don’t want pre can I still go 4 d exam pls reply

    • Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa dont have HND in Public Administration, you wont be offered admission into Business Administration.
      Pre-HND is better to convert it to Business Administration and when you finish you must go for your compulsory 1 year I.T in order to continue with your HND in Business Administration.
      Hope you understand

  31. hello, please i applied HND full time and my admission letter is reading PRE-HND PT, how do i rectify this error…and it was stated that it is a two-year course and pre-hnd is not two years…so i need help please ASAP