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I want you to MOVE.
Yes i really want you to move, move from where you are now to the next place, move to that position where your smile will come true.

2016 is folding up already you have been stagnant enough, you have waited enough, you have cried enough, you have done enough, but i still want you to move, move more in 2017, double your movement in 2017 God has played His part by bringing you to this world and by giving u the opportunity to see today and also read this post.

My dear alot has happened to you, you have shed alot of tears and have different life experience, but dont forget all this things are part of what will make your move unique.
Dont allow the set backs to to keep you seated in that gutter of regrets, I dont want you to remain in your past of blames.

See, if your case must be different in 2017 then you have to be different from the “You” in 2016 so there could be positive changes in 2017, you need to tackle it and face it the way it is. You must be different yourself.

According to the Holy Book The Bible, it took God six (6) days to create the entire Universe and use 1 day to rest, so your case is too small for God to handle it will only take God less than a minute to turn your life around for good.

Please move, if anyone is blocking you tell the person to move because you have decided to move into 2017 with great achievements.

This move is possible no matter what you have gone through in life, the move can only be easy with God, when you move with God it makes it easy, each of your moves are divine, God is ever ready to move with you, He only wants you to ask, and if you feel you have asked before; maybe you should ask again in the right way.

Seyi S. Adesina
You should never leave everything for tomorrow when you can do all today


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