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kandikrush-herbal-capsuleYeast Infection and Infertility!
Yeasts are a class of fungus round or oval in form which multiply by budding. Several different types of yeast exist but the strain of body yeast that can cause health problems is candida.
Many strains of candida exist in our environment (harmful and harmless species ) but the 2 major strains that commonly affect humans are Candida albicans and Candida tropicalis .
The disease that candida albican overgrowth causes is known as candidiasis. Candida albican is a very complex organism. It shades more than 80 known toxins that adversely affect our body . left untreated it can suppress the immune system and create room for serious infections. It produces 2 major chemicals (1) Acetaldehyde (2) Ethanol . Acetaldehyde destroys the cell membranes and alters protein synthesis . They can interrupt the cellular contents of sperm cells and can result to sperm death.
Excess accumulation of these toxins in the system can result to poor memory, fatigue, light-headedness , depression.

WHY KandiKrush:
Kandikrush Herbal Capsule : Is a naturally formulated broad acting antibiotic/antifungal effective against Candida albicans ,Chlamydia trachomatis , Bacteria vaginosis , Syphilis and Gonorrhea Infection. Kandikrush Herbal capsule helps clear blocked fallopian tubes.

Causes of Candida Overgrowth:
-Prolonged/overuse of antibiotics can kill good bacteria making candida to overgrow in the system
– Hormonal Imbalance due to the use of birth control pills , coritisone , steriods and non-sterioidal anti-inflammatory drugs usage
-Excessive sugar consumption
– Poor hygiene
-Sharing toilets e.t.c

Men , women and even children can have candidiasis
In men it causes inflammation of the prostate gland ( prostatitis ) watery sperm cells , itching.
In women candida overgrowth is a suspect in infertility problems.
There could be V.discharge , redness of the vulva , pains during love making , semen withdrawal e.t.c

Blood detection of Candida antibodies (IgA , IgG ,IgM) , Culture surveys for candida can be done using smear from nose, throat , genital regions .

Suffering from Candida infection and need a solution?
Kandikrush Herbal Capsule is a naturally formulated broad acting antibiotic /antifungal proven effective in the treatment of diseases such as Candida albicans , Chlamydia trachomatis , Bacterial vaginosis . Kandikrush Herbal capsules help ward off infections that cause Pid and tubal blockage .

To order or enquire about Kandikrush Herbal Capsules
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You can visit Camvacon Nigeria Ltd at No.16 Amaram Extension Owerri Imo State


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