dont-give-upMost things in life can take some time or a little while before it’s being achieved. During the time of wait some people also get stretched and decided to give up, but that was not the case of Nigeria, and I got a lot of lesson from this historic event! Are you tired already? Are you giving up? wait till you finish reading this post…






Brazil was the king of global football and they knew it. So, Nigeria losing to Brazil that night would not be a big deal.

Gosh! Brazil dealt with us that night. Till around 77th minutes (about 12 minutes to the end of the game) Brazil was obviously dominating the game. The score line was Brazil 3, Nigeria 1

Despite the Brazil squad including star names such as Carlos, Rivaldo, Bebeto and Ronaldo, Nigerians watching the game still think Nigeria did not deserve such humiliation by Brazil boys, we had been beaten mercilessly. Nigerians became angry toward the end of the match; many had turned off their Television sets, some were shedding tears. While few hoped and prayed that we would not be further disgraced with yet another goal.

But the unimaginable happened in the game.

At about 78th minutes Victor Ikepba stroked from 20 meters to score the second goal, everything changed beyond the 3:2 score line. Pressure came upon Brazil. And hope for the Nigeria players, they became more motivated and began to fire shots from every angle.

Then another miracle, at the 90th minute, just before the final whistle, Kanu Nwankwo turned and flipped the ball over Dida and it was another goal, the equalizer. What a wonderful match.

And there was a rule then, “the Golden Goal”. That the first to score in the extra time wins the game.

Then came the decisive goal from Papilo in just 3 minutes of the extra time… And that was how the messy game became a message.

A lot can still be done this year to make it a glorious year, the remaining part of the year is sufficient to define the whole year. Don’t loose hope now. It is too early to give up on your beautiful expectations for this year. It is not over until it is over. Wipe off the tears and buckle your shoes.

In the remaining days, weeks and months of this year, try to;

  1. Review
  2. Restrategize
  3. Relaunch.

Surely, you will win. Resist the pull of fatigue regardless of the past disappointments and delayed gratification.

See, success or life can not be determined by how u start it goes beyond that level, u must finish well. That is the part that interest people, remember in the story above; nobody mentioned the names of the guys who passed the ball for them to score, nobody mentioned the injuries, nobody will mention that because they are part of the challenges that are meant to help cook the story; the end point which was the winning.

So my dear brother and sister what are u facing in life right now?

I challenge u to *WIN* because that is the only part people are waiting for.

What do you think is shaking you out of shape, causing u tears and making u think, I still challenge you to Win.

Life was actually built to be bed of roses until Adam and Eve decided to change the story. And ever since then it has been up and down struggles but we are overcomers.

I admonish u this day not to give up, I want u to know u are not alone, God is right beside u smiling back at u and telling u to move on saying;

“Win! Win!! Yes U can Win!!!

I am a Winner!

The Lord is with you

God bless you.

Seyi S. Adesina

dont-give-up-now-plz dont-give-up dont-give-up-stay_cool

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