R.Kelly released a song titled “I WISH I WISH” and today am writing on the same title “I WISH I WISH” because I think I just find myself wishing I never wished for somethings lol (No regrets though)

Life is funny, something when you are young you wish you have or acquire some things, you might even wish to be like some other person or wished you were born into a certain family, that was me, I fall in one of the categories, sometimes I wish am fair, sometimes I wish my father was a very rich sorted man, sometimes I even wish I am going to help the whole world from poverty, be solution to people problem, etc.

But today I come to realize that some of the things we actually wished for are not part of what God has planned for us, they are only there as side attraction.

So today I remembered some of those things I have actually wished and pray for and come to see that some actually was just waste of time, some where just experience while some where hmmmmmmm…

Dear God, I remember when I use to wish I have somethings, but now I say thank you Jesus and wish I dont have somethings…
Most times we bother God with our selfish desires not knowing its just out of God plans for our lives, becareful what you pray or wished for because you might not really need them, they might just be one of the things to slow you down in your journey…
“I WISH I WISH” what have you been wishing or praying for? Do you really think you need those things to really survive? Life can be funny and want to make you wish for every dirty thing that will slow your journey of success down, believe it or not some of the things you wished for are there only to slow you down..
#Becareful What you Wished For
#Becareful when you make wishes
#R.Kelly knows what he saw before releasing that song “I WISH I WISH”

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