Mr. Seyi please save me my name please, but I need your help urgently, a friend asked me to contact you because you have helped her before!

Am a christian and married to my husband for over 6years now we have two lovely kids.

The truth is my husband loves me he pet me and give me all I want.

The problem started 3 years ago when I gave birth to our second child he changed so many changes, I thought it was because he lost his job, but thank God after some prayers and support from my family members he was able to get another job but I thought this will change things back to normal but worst is the case.

My husband and I no longer live like man and woman, he don’t call me the sweet names he use to again, he don’t touch me nor make me feel like a woman. I have complain and talked to him about this several times but he turns deaf hears to my cry.

The worst is he becomes jelos of every male he sees around me and claim am having an affair with them. Mr. Seyi I have never cheated on my husband since I said I do to him almost seven years ago.

Am fed up with his non husband attitude he put on when my family members comes around.

Something happened, one of my friend took me to her church where her prophet asked me to come outside, he mention everything happening to me which he was correct and also said my husband is planning to use our child for Money ritual, this pained me a lot and I kind of find it hard to believe but remember other things the prophet said which were correct I decided to confront my husband.

After several talks uptil now, he has refused to confess to me bcos I believe what the prophet said.

My husband must have tried it or planning such else the prophet won’t have mentioned it.

Am confused sir, what should I do, he don’t want to confess or follow me to see the prophet to prove his innocence plz advice me quick my heart is tearing apart.

I don’t want to commit adultry, am a woman I need a man to touch me play with me and show me love which this issue has turned my heart into pieces pls help me plz sir

I remain Mrs. Xxxxx Xxxxx


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  1. Dis is 1 of d major challenges am havin with people dat reciv prophetic revelations. was she instructed by d prophet 2 ask her husband? there’s no prove of wat she was told. ther4 guide urself with wisdom. Is very wrong 4 her 2 comfront her husband directly bcos if wat d prophet said is true, den he wil not admit it. Solution: monitor d man’s movement if wat d prophet said is true. If its true den, It might be dat d 1 of d forbin tins told d man wher he went 4 money ritual is 2 abstain 4rm her.

  2. Is touching but u need to be very careful as d bible say we should beware of fake prophets, pray 4 God’s revelation concerning what d prophet told u, so u wont breakup ur home. As of d feelings, God has made u both 1, u can involve both parents if is critical, above all concentrate on ur beautiful kids n pray to God, am sure he will change. Ur prayer can change him.

  3. Hmm! This woman had placed the cart before the horse from what she had said it’s funny how the “prophet” told her about her family there is a lot to say about this issue but I will stop with this words “the dog which the gods want to kill they first take away it sense of smell”

  4. I think the lady has a right to know whats happening but not from the so called prophet. God speaks to change but she left her with much trouble..Let her ask the husband cz hes the only one who can answer her mayb her channel of asking could b wanting n the husband opts to b silence men hate nagging. Let her also examine herself in matters of how she toks n treats the husband n hel open up..involving the fmlies shld b last option. Pray until something happens n brek every bondage in your marriage

  5. @seyi do u knw dat d devil cs vision? She shld knw dat she has d grace bcos d bible mk us 2 undastnd dat he has given us d grace 2 hear, 2 c, wat d prophet can nt c nd hear. So she shld commit everitin 2 God. May b she is doing smtin dat d man do nt like, so she shld keep prayin dat God shld touch hs heart. She shld stay focus nd 4gt wat d prophet said bt believ in d words of God.

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