Dear Friends I want to embark on a Journey, first I only wanted to carry someone so dear to my heart along (Winks) but on a second thought I decided to spread it and have fun with my friends…

For some of you who have one contact with me in one way or the other will understand this post and take it serious because I have not done something like this for a very long time…


Yes am embarking on a financial journey, it is not an MMM scheme or any of those Ponzi scheme you think you know its even far from get rich quick before Buhari returns.



  • I want us to have a change of level like am trying to also
  • I want us to hang out together outside the shore of this country and discuss way forward
  • I want our friendship to be profitable
  • I want us to diversify and learn new stuff that will bring cool cash to our bank account
  • And so many more



The 90-Day To =N=1 Million Starts!


Hello BRAINiacs,

My name is Ronald Nzimora and I want you to join me on a journey to generate =N=1 Million Naira in profits.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have talked about this challenge and how I want it use it to help you to actually…

Start Doing.

The biggest impediment to most people’s success is not getting started. And I understand. Because I feel it too myself.

You consume so much information that you don’t know what to believe anymore.

You listen to so many gurus who show you so many different paths that you are at a loss which one to follow.

You truly want to do something but are paralyzed because you don’t want to make a mistake, follow the wrong path and fail.

Trust me, I know it. I feel it myself. Used to feel it all a lot back in the day, but not so much now.

However truth be told, the only way you will move forward and get the results you want is not by consuming even more

Nope. That is temporary. That is is like putting bandage on a deep knife flesh cut and hoping it will solve the problem.

Nope. It won’t. The wound will only fester, grow pus and cause more damage. Just like consuming more information will just leave you more confused and more afraid.

So I decided to do is to help everyone here actually get to…


Starting today, I am going to embark on a 90-Day quest to make =N=1 million in profit selling something online.

What will I sell?

I will sell an information product, because I love information,
information that helps people solve a problem.

Every day for the next 90 days, I will show you what I will do to
start an online business from scratch.

Everyday, I will shoot and upload a video showing what I did for
that day, and you can follow along.

You will see what I do, how I research the idea, create the product, design the websites, set up the advertising campaigns, and start the selling process, etc.

Once we start generating revenue, I will post each day’s ad cost and each day’s revenue. so we can determine what the day’s profits is.

The goal is to earn =N=1 million in profit before the 90 days is up, and if we do hit it before then, I will continue until the 90 days end.

You get to watch and see everything.

But There’s A Catch…

By 12 midnight everyday, the video will be deleted from the group so it’s either you watch it or it’s gone.

At the end of the 90 days, all the videos will be put inside a membership area and will be accessed for a fee of =N=25,000 only.


If you can get it between today and Monday August 7th, 2017, for just =N=10,000. Here’s how.

I am making a one-week-only, one-time offer to give you the videos PLUS MORE, for just =N=10,000.

In addition to the videos, you will get:

1 – A Free copy of my next book, “Triangle of Profit: How To Sell Anything To Anybody On The Internet And Make Them Buy It, Even if You’re Starting From Zero Today”

The book will show all the deep secrets we have used to sell billions and billions of Naira worth of products for our clients via our online agency, “Digital Nexus Interactive”. In the last one year alone, we have sold over =N=5 billion Naira worth of products using the same strategies revealed inside this book.

The secrets inside this book will…


I shared just a little tiny bit of it with Daniel Adetunji last Friday in my office and he went and rewrote the salesletter for his next JVZoo product, “Socio Offers”. Then he insisted I send in the manuscript to read even before it’s published!

Yes, that’s how powerful it is.

The “Triangle of Profits” will be on sale in November 2017 for =N=5,000 but you will get a special early release copy, personally autographed by me.

2 – Case Study: How We gave Away 7,000 Copies of The “Sell Your Brain Book” In 6 Months, And Still Made Millions of Naira

Oh, we’re also just sold the right to a German publisher to have it published it in Germany for all German speakers around the world!

Many people have asked me, “How are you making money giving away a free book?”. Truth is, there’s a method to the madness, and you need to understand it. That’s what this case study will show you.

I will show you how that idea came about, what we did, what we should have done that we didn’t do, and what we should never have done.

If you ever want to create exclusive branding around your name and expertise, you should publish a book, but do not do it without reading this case study.

The Case Study will sell on it’s own for =N=49,000 much later in the year because I want to add everything from the publishing of the second book, “Triangle of Profits” to it. You will get it in it’s current form and also get the updated version later in the year when it’s finished.

3 – Free Entry to the “30-DayTraffic Challenge”

You know it, without traffic, you’re dead. You won;t make a sale. Period. That is why, immediately the “90 Days to =N=1 Million Naira” ends, I will start a brand new challenge called “30-Day Traffic Challenge”

In this challenge, everyday for 30 days, you will learn one way to get traffic and web visitors to your offers or websites or blogs, or whatever it is you are selling online.

Each person gets a “Traffic and Marketing” calender to go with the challenge, so you know what to do everyday to showcase your offers and products to the best audience possible.

The idea is for you do one thing everyday . I was inspired to create this challenge after reading something from Marlon Sanders’ newsletter of two weeks ago. What was that? You’ll only know when you are a part of this particular challenge 🙂

When this challenge starts, it will not be FREE. Only those who get today’s offer will join free. Everyone else who wants to join from November 1st when it starts will pay =N=10,000 to join.

4 – You will be invited to attend an exclusive free webinar class titled, “Copywriting Magic: How To Write A World Class Salesletter In As Little As 2 Days

Can you write and spell in English? But you’re having trouble with a salesletter that converts and makes sales?

Well, you’re in luck because I will teach you in a private webinar class how to crank out a salesletter that convinces people to dip their hands into their pocket and pay you money.

Even if you hate English and fall asleep when people start discussing tenses.

Even if you haven’t written a salesletter before.

Even if you have done so before and failed.

The guy who taught me this simplified method charges $2,000 for the privilege. But it’s so good when you see it in action, so much so, I am teaching it to my staff so they too can learn it and save me the trouble of having to write all by myself.

To get the offer, here’s how to pay:



Bank: FIRST BANK, 201 737 9850, Profit Marketing Systems Limited.

Then send payment details to: 0903 756 2101

Alright, that’s it. To be clear…


Like I said earlier, you can watch the free videos but you only get access to them for one day only everyday.

Only those who get the offer, get lifetime access to them plus all the above extras.

So where to go and join the “90 Days To =N=1 Million Naira” Challenge?

Nowhere actually. Just check the updates everyday here in the group, watch and do!

We start tomorrow.

God bless!

Ronald “The Challenge Man” Nzimora




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