There are 1 million and 1 ways you a marriage can be destroyed… This is not a post to help you destroy your home or any marriage, but to guide you from the little things you ignore but are threats to your happy marriage.



Marriage is sweet, especially when you get it right, there is no marriage that dont have its ups and down but your ability to spot threat and overcome is what make you both a winner… You can be there for your partner, when you see them going astray you should be able to understand and let him/her know your happiness is at stake especially where children are involved already. Remember this saying “When two elephants fight the grass suffer”  dont let your kids and your marriage suffer what could be avoided.

1.  DECLARE WAR AGAINST YOUR IN-LAWS: Seriously your In-Laws has a vital rolls to play in your marriage avoiding fights with them will help you alot, infact if you think they are troublsome kind of people keeping them at a distance will help you else try every possible best to makesure fight dont ensue between you and them. If you must avoid this 7 THINGS YOU DO THAT DESTROY YOUR MARRIAGE then you must follow what is written down here for you.

2. CRITICIZE YOUR SPOUSE’S PARENTING… ON EVERY ISSUE: Why do you think its only your family that is perfect, why condemn your spouse parents, remember you have married their child and criticizing their child means you are telling them they are not good in child upbringing etc. So if you dont want to trouble dont say bad about your spouse parent no matter what. lol

3. SNEAK OUT TO MAKE PHONE CALLS OR RECEIVE CALLS: No matter how important it is, no matter the kind of surprise you are planning for your spouse, make sure you are not caught sneaking out with your mobile phone else, it might turn war of questions and answering session for you. Hahahaha just keep to this warning ooOo.

4. THROW AROUND THE IDEA OF DIVORCE FREQUENTLY: Say What! Don’t even say it, or repeat it if you have said it before, on no condition should you bring up that word to threaten your spouse, dont even joke with it or tempt them with it… Seriously it don’t make your spouse feel normal when you are always using this word of threat on them.
Though I don’t encourage domestic violent in marriage, if your spouse is abusing you then report to the family members and appropriate authority. Don’t forget you are trying to avoid the 7 THINGS YOU DO THAT DESTROY YOUR MARRIAGE.

5. BE IN LOVE WITH YOUR PHONE AND TV: This is painful, how can you spend so much time with your gadget forgetting the fact that your lovely, beautiful spouse is seating close to you or trying to keep you company?

6. PUT OTHERS BEFORE YOUR SPOUSE: If you prioritize your friends, co-workers or family over your spouse, you are definitely going to have trouble at the home front. There can be no divided loyalties. When you got married and started your own family, that’s where your primary loyalty needs to be. Your spouse deserves your firsts, not your left overs. Your spouse’s opinions and ideas should always matter more than others.

7. Give Your Spouse the Silent Treatment:The silent treatment says you’ve quit on the relationship. You are no longer willing to work on resolving any conflict. It’s punishing, demeaning, and shaming. You’ve essentially created a defensive posture that allows nothing in or out. Be warned, this sort of tactic is a sure sign of an ailing relationship. This response typically comes from a place where the conflict has become so overwhelming, that your emotional self shuts down. While there is definitely a time to walk away for a moment and cool down, doing so cannot be to punish your spouse or stop them from being heard.

A surefire way to create emotional distance between you and your spouse is to create a wide chasm physically. Intimacy is the glue that holds couples together and sex should be on your to do list. And trust us, no one has ever said after an orgasm, “Well, that was a waste of time!” Are you too busy? Schedule it. Stop making excuses!

So now you know 7 THINGS YOU DO THAT DESTROY YOUR MARRIAGE you can share it with your friends and loved ones…

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