6 Factors That Can Make You Never Earn A Living Online

6 Factors That Can Make You Never Earn A Living Online – By: Victory Akpomedaye

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While I was surfing the net I came across this on Mr. Victory’s wall and I felt it will inspire you! Seyi S Adesina

(1) Don’t think.
Robert Kiyosaki was right when he said,
Too many people are too lazy to think. Instead of learning something new, they think the same thought day in day out.

This is one of the major set back most people are facing today
in their online business. They don’t get their expected result yet they still do things the same old way that has never worked.

(2) Do things as you feel and not as required.
Most people only do things that are convenient for them and not
things that are required for success. Every major breakthrough in life and business has a price attached to it.

Instead of them to start building an email list they will give an excuse. When they are to write an email or a blog post they won’t etc.

(3) Make stupid friends
Even the bible put that that ‘Iron sharpens iron’.
IF you want to earn massively online then it’s only normal to read and study the resources of proven experts.

You must give yourself the opportunity to learn and be mentored
by proven experts who have achieved extra ordinary height online.
Imagine having the privilege to get an expert online to answer yours questions about setting up and growing a successful online business.

You will certainly have less struggles online and achieve online success faster than others who try to follow pretend experts and hype gooroos.

(4) Refuse to change
IF you don’t change you will remain in chains.
Don’t get too fixated and fall in love with one business model
that you waste all your time and life on it without results“.

Take for instance, you are traveling to a particular destination
you are not very familiar with. Then you stopped to ask for
direction at some point and you were told that you’ve past the place.

Upon realization that you’ve missed you way, will you continue moving forward because you’ve passed the place you where originally going to or you are going to turn back?

So ‘change’ in the positive direction is required for us to achieve success in life. You have to constantly re-invent yourself.

(5) Be bias about the truth.
People who want to grow take the truth and swallow it as raw as it is. Most people are overly defensive. When an expert tell them the loopholes in their online business they get angry. When an expert tell them the shortcomings in their sales pages, sales funnel and even the niche they are into they feel offended.

You can’t succeed that way. You must be able to accept the truth,
amend your ways and move on.

(6) Criticize continually.
You know what, just be a critic of successful internet marketers
and you will never earn a dime yourself.

Most people are fond of saying negative things about the subject of online income. In most cases they’ve never tried yet they feel
every online business opportunity is a scam.

Invest the time and energy you use to criticize genuine
‘Online Business Experts’ to humble yourself and learn from them.
That’s the only way you can become an online success story.
You cannot possess an ability you badmouth. Hahaha!

From my ‘Cave Of Thought’


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