Nobody will buy what you sell
I was angry that fateful day because I add to catch up an appointment with a client who I have been working on his website for a while, leaving Nasarawa to Abuja was not easy for those who know Maraba and its traffic wahala…
The taxi driver from Nasarawa State was driving like someone who’s girlfriend promised a nice massage after the work, he was smiling and gisting with those who care to listen, he was slow that even a month old baby might just decided to slap him to make him fast…
The journey of 1hr 30min lasted for 2hrs that extra 30min was like 30hours to me because I knw I was still going to get held up in Maraba Traffic…

Oh finally we got to the next bustop Maraba where I will board Wuse II thats where am going to, then I enter this luxurious bus.
we all sat down and everyone shifting and adjusting to give space to others like Fishes in the Sandine container…
Then a tall young looking man stood up and greeted everybody with a smile, I cant remember any one responding to his greeting but I heard a loud amen when the guy said “I pray we all get to our destination and achieve our aims of coming out today” yours sincerely also said Amen because that word he just said is what is most important to me and I guess maybe other passengers too…

Then he started “Your health is your wealth, I am not going to talk you through to your destination am going down from this bus once we get to NNPC Junction (thats a distance of 20min drive from where we are).
This guy brought out a soap and said this soap is scarce from market since two months now, for those who have used the soap before, you will testify that the effective of this soap can not be compared with its price, I was opportune to be among the first 20 set of marketer to get this soap from the company even before it get to the market or pharmacist this soap is now produced in two format the yellow is mosquitoes repellent while the black is medicated black soap for rashes, this soap is sold for N150/piece outside this bus but am going to be selling it to the first 10 people at N250 for 3 pieces like I said I dont have much of it with me just 3 cartons here anybody interested?
Then I heard a lady voice telling her friend how effective the soap is, before she could finish saying how the soap worked for her the soap is almost finished because everybody is requesting for their own and even collecting his number so they could get more…

The soap seller came down from the bus at exact point where he promised to come down remaining just 2pieces of soap with him…

Then the guy that sat beside me said “Whao, this guy is different from every other guys that sell in the bus i have entered for the past one year now, he dint talk too much and people dint buy out of pity” I kept quiet and smile to myself, but I think I learnt few lesson from this guy marketing strategy and I hope the bosses in the house can shred more light on it.


1. :::::YOU SUCK::::
You are bored, your story-line is dry, the way you address or start the conversation already chased/discourage your listeners/buyers.
Some people marketing strategy is very dry dull and they even suck talking to you, they talk like they want you to pity them to buy their product, it is not everybody you can get to yourself via pity skills of selling… The people in the bus are already tired or the traffic, some are going to work already late, some are coming night duty going back home, some are bothered with one thought or the other, then you coming up with one suck story will just be a noise and most of the passengers prayer will be “God let this guy just shut up and seat down. If you must talk then let it be relevant short and simple those who will buy you will buy and no matter how long you talk those who will not buy will not buy, what will convince them is not only in your story but everything about you.
There is a time to speak and a time to shut up and listen. Effective communication requires reciprocity. If you aren’t a good listener, do not be surprised when others don’t make listening to you a top priority.

2. :::::AUTHORITY::::
Your voice has exposed you already, it shows you dont even have confident in what you want to sell talk more of yourself… You dont have the authority to talk to the people you are facing, they want to see you as their Authority, they want to believe you are capable, not just selling your product but your ability to carry them along, since they have put you in charge by giving you their attention, you must take the chance or else loose it…
You should be able to get back on-track when you know you are lost…
You must be connected with your audience, their expression, mood body languages etc matters, if you lost your authority then the listener will take over your marketing/product and turn it against you, their questioning will turn you off and discourage you, your ability to make them listen is in your hands…
Sometimes we don’t really want to hear what other people have to say! We love our own opinions and thoughts and would prefer to shut out those of others.

READ THIS >>>16 reasons people don’t listen when you speak<<<

Assumption is one thing that has killed so many marketers, because Mr. A is selling well in his niche, you assume you being Mr. B will also sell if you pick the niche too, you have no proof people will take what you are bringing, you need to keep your assumption at control. Because if people dont respond to your product you might just end up crying and begging (lol).
Dont let assumption drive you into writing or selling, you must first see yourself as a buyer without sentiment, you should be able to convince one or two people around you even before going out there. For instance when I joined a marketing company I could not sell or introduce one person into the system, why? Because I was overwhelmed with lots of assumption before joining without considering so many factors, after many month I could not even convince myself to talk to anyone because am no longer sure of what I joined and thats how i wasted that money till date.
Work on your assumption, leave your assumptions behind.
“If your brain thinks that it knows the answer, it will only accept information that confirms your beliefs.

Making assumptions and generalizations are hard-wired into our thinking. But, if you can generate genuine interest in the topic, or person, you can over-ride this tendency and create an open mind.

When listening to another person, it may help to assume you know nothing about what they are telling you.”

My first writing in this group just want to make some impact hope its helpful
(correction, critiques are highly welcome, we will learn from it too)

Yours Kid Bro
Seyi Stephen Adesina

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