16 reasons people don’t listen when you speak

16 reasons people don’t listen when you speak:

  1. Too many words. You’re a yapping lap dog.
  2. Ignorance. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Confused leaders lead confused organizations.
  3. Dancing.  You don’t get to the point. Minds wander when your words wander.
  4. No follow through. You have a track record of not following through.
  5. No goal or higher purpose. There’s no meaning.
  6. No call to action. No one knows what you want if you don’t.
  7. Disconnected values. What matters to you doesn’t matter to them.
  8. Whining but no solutions or action. Don’t complain if you don’t plan to act.
  9. No resolve. You don’t mean what you say.
  10. Drama. You yelled, “The sky is falling,” when it wasn’t.
  11. Speaking before listening or without preparation.
  12. No passion. You don’t care about what you’re saying. If you don’t care, stop talking now.
  13. No love. You don’t care for the people you’re speaking to.
  14. You don’t take others seriously. Expect your words to roll off their back when their words roll of yours. Take others seriously if you expect them to take you seriously.
  15. It’s all about you and not about them. You’re a self-absorbed bore. Start with them not you.
  16. Disconnection. You just stepped out of your ivory tower to address the huddled masses.

Don’t expect enthusiastic responses to ambiguous messages.

Which reason why people don’t listen is the most devastating?

How do successful leaders speak so people listen?

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