* God Loves You*.
Even no one love you God will always do He love you that’s why He died for u, He loves you that’s y He wants you to learn lesson for preparation against the future don’t allow anything steal or kill His love for you. Not even heartbreaks dear.

*First change your mind set about guys and relationship*.
Don’t be like d road to your village that never change, you need to change your mind set about guys. All guys are not the same just that the few ones you’ve meet are the bad eggs, most relationship are still working out while others are crashing even as u read now. Change ur mentality about all the negative things you think about guys and relationship just because you have been brutally hurt before. Change your thought believe in God bcos God is Love, let your heart be free of grudges and move on.

*Forget your past story nobody needs them*.
Stop telling ur new relationship about ur old story. For me its unnecessary after they pity you when they get home so many question will run down through their head; i.e if she’s that good why is all this guys leaving her? So stop it some might even pick a point from ur story n use it against u later. If you are too attached to the old story the guy will think your mind is still attached to the person involve. So stop telling everyone how u have been hurt until its necessary.

*Always remember the lessons u learn*.
Never forget all you have gone through even when the journey seems sweet. You must never forget the lesson u learn from your past experience because you will still need them in the future. Don’t allow the enjoyment of the new love you found make you forget your experience. Please I dnt say treat ur relationship with the memory of the past please don’t get me wrong ooOo. I only say u should try and apply some sense now!

*Don’t allow your past relationship to always break you down just because your ex is into a good relationship*.
For the fact that you see your ex drive pass in his car with his new girlfriend and they are smiling, laughing and cruising town together don’t means he might be happy. It might just be a camouflage to break you down. So don’t let it melt u off ur feet. Even if truly he’s happy, u too be happy for him because you get what you others in life. Be happy dear dnt allow your past relationship dictate your happiness.

*No competition, forget it its not working for your ex like it seems*.
It might jst be faking tins. Don’t think relationship is football where you call for competition and the winner goes home with a prize. Noooooo relationship don’t work that way please, there is more to relationship than competitions. You are not competing with anyone so no need to run fast or slow down, don’t feel u need to do things just because you want to meet up to ur ex! Please

*Don’t compare yourself with ur ex new girl*.
For me comparison na na na na don’t even think about it. Why? Why do you wanna compare yourself with someone else, you are born and created by God in a unique way that can not and will never be replaced by anyone. No one can be like you and no matter how hard you try you can never be the exact of someone else. You are perfectly made. You are beautiful, you are cute. Don’t worry about how others look the way you look is what matters.

*Stop looking for replacement*.
Replacement might be what you will never get if you keep looking out for guys to replace your ex, looking for guys who has the same quality like you ex will harm you more. It will leave you with memories of the past because each time that person do what your ex do then there will be a flash back.

*Try and stroll out without your mind*.
Walking to a fun place without your mind can really help you, this means you are taking a little stroll out of your pains, you are going to a nice place without expecting to meet anyone or without your troubled heart. Leave ur crying heart at home don’t take it along with you cos it will still cause you tears and steal ur happy moment away.

*Looking for over handsome, cute, well talked about, intelligent guys*.
Then wake up from your dreams of nightmare. This are every girl’s desire, am not saying you should go out with guys who are not decent, but believe me guys with this qualifications are over sorted by others, other ladies wanna have a taste of them, they want to hang out with them and some just wanna sleep around with them. This guys knows the quality they possess and also know they are well sorted out. They might not value or respect you.

*Love Yourself Dear*.
This is very important, u must show and shower yourself with a great love. Not just saying it to yourself but showing yourself real love and care will attract people to you. Loving yourself will teach you how to love others. It will help you know how people feel. When you love yourself it will radiate outwardly and make u happy and shining.

*Be contented*.
Be grateful to God you are where u are now. Be appreciative what if you are no more?

*Don’t Be In A Rush*.
Hmmm! My dear why don’t you wait for a while, you just broke up from one relationship, please allow the wound to heal before starting another journey of love . Relax small, try and do some reasoning, make some amendment, take a break. Just don’t rush into another relationship thinking it will help you cool off no it won’t honey, you need to cool off by staying out of any thing called dating while you are still hurt. Clear your head first and be able to think straight so you won’t make a wrong decision that will cost you another bowl of tears.

*Be Careful of Wolfs*.
Some men are wolf in man’s form. They’re only concern in getting into ur panties and to just tear you apart. Don’t let them get close to you. Protect yourself, stand out, stay away from locations that will make them look at you like one of their prey.

*Dont be carried away with compliments*.
Hmmmm! Chei dis girl is good, she’s beautiful with good character etc, can sweep some ladies away and make them fall so calmly for a guy, but dear you as a decent lady who’s not the kind will have to learn how to manage comment and stay away from people who over commented you just to lure you into their trap. Compliment is nice and romantic but some people are now using it to make girls fall for them which is wrong. So dear dnt allow the compliment you get knock you down.

Written and Composed by:
Seyi S. Adesina
I Care About You



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  1. Nice piece you have here, after going through everything I come to a conclusion that am the best woman on earth, why cry out my eyes from its socket when God can bring me another greater man than the one that jst left me for no reason

    Please give me your email want to write you and share my problem

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